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Beth Marie
Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada
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    Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada
    T0J 2P2
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    Beth Marie got its start several years ago when I pursued the task of finding products that didn't contain chemicals or ingredients that may be a health risk. My initial goal was simply to find them. The more I researched, however, the more frustrated I became...even the products labeled as organic often had one or two ingredients that were suspect! Finally, after finding very few matches, and discovering that the ones I did find cost a fortune-I decided to make my own.

    Two and a half years later, I have been excited to unearth recipes that work, and to use ingredients that I feel comfortable being exposed to. I also discovered how much fun the process is-and decided to start selling the same things that I love to use, in case there are others who would enjoy them as well.

    Thus, with a little help, Beth Marie was born!

    We are a small, home run business located in Alberta, Canada. Because of our size, we have not waded through the paperwork to get all of our creations tested and approved by the FDA-but we tell you exactly what goes into each item. If there is an ingredient that you aren't comfortable with or have an allergy to...send us a message, and if we are able, we will make a custom batch to suit your needs!

    All of our items are designed, tested, and made in our living room-truly the place in our home where LIFE happens. I hope you enjoy your time spent with us-we're glad you are here!
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